SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. is a pioneer in the infrastructure sector in India and is a leading infrastructure company.

A privately held company, SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. (formerly Sea King Infrastructure Ltd.), has since the early 1990s, established a tradition of initiating and implementing unique projects. The core strength of the company lies in taking abstract ideas and conceptualizing a project on a grand scale.

This vision comes from an inherent corporate philosophy that is founded on a desire to accomplish something all encompassing and enduring for the country. The answer was found in the then nascent field of infrastructure development. For a country as vast and diverse as India, this vision would prove to be not only sweeping in its magnitude, but also path breaking in every project.

With the risk-taking ability of first generation entrepreneurs, the SKIL group planned for and committed substantial financial and human resources and embarked on this bold enterprise to develop numerous first-of-its-kind projects in India.