A decade ago, the EPC industry comprised a handful of large, complex projects and multitude small packages and subcontracts. Today, there is no dearth of high value and complex projects being executed by government and private players. The increasing size and complexity of projects has, however, led to a growing reliance on contractors’ capabilities and project management skills.

Slowly but steadily, the onus of project management has shifted from the owner/developer to the contractor. Gradually, the risk of time and cost overruns has been transferred to the contractor, along with the responsibility of designing, procurement of materials and construction.

EPC Today

The Indian EPC sector, with its rising prominence and changing dynamics. Players have carved out a niche for themselves and have developed their reputation, based on their sector focus. Some have also divested their operations in other sectors, thereby segregating the entire EPC space, based on operational segments.

The Company draws from the promoters’ expertise of over two decades in Project Development/ Construction in the areas of Design & Engineering, & Project Construction/Operation. As EPC Contractor, the Company had been outsourcing these functions. It has key executives with expertise in optimizing all facets of project construction viz. Architectural services, Design/Engineering, Construction, Vendor/Sub-contractor selection, Procurement of construction material and equipment, and project commissioning.

The long-term vision of the Company is to make the Company as one of the most integrated EPC construction company with a specialized focus on execution of large & complex infrastructure projects.